The challenges

At GI X GI we will differentiate between achievable challenges and utopian challenges.

Achievable challenges

1st. Getting private capital from Girona and Osona to be invested in companies from Girona and Osona.

2nd. Getting companies from Girona that need investment to find it in Girona’s capital.

3rd. Getting businessmen from Girona who want to sell their company to be able to do so to investors from Girona.

Utopian challenges

1st. Getting companies from Girona and Osona to become multinationals, without relocating their parent company.

2nd. Achieving a change in the mentality of Girona businessmen and women in the sense of making them more Anglo-Saxon and thinking bigger and deciding to keep growing from a certain size and break the ceiling of family control.

3rd. Achieving being catalysts and promoters of merger or collaboration operations (joint venture) between companies in Girona, which makes them stronger and more sustainable.

4th. Getting, for the first time in history, a company from Girona to go public and accompany it in the process.