The foundation

The GI X GI project has a profit motive and the services will be billed at market price, but at the same time it has a spirit of solidarity that will materialize with the establishment of a foundation at the moment when the project’s profits allow it.

The GI X GI project aims to allocate 25% of its profit to finance purposes of general interest, either directly through GI X GI Private Equity, S.L. or through the establishment and management of a foundation whose purpose is to:

  • The promotion of entrepreneurship among young people in the Girona and Osona counties.
  • The promotion of the policy of effort and merit among the young people of the Girona and Osona counties.
  • The promotion of the healthy and positive ambition that young people must have and its transformation into entrepreneurship and business projects.
  • The promotion and positive dissemination of the figure of the entrepreneur and the entrepreneur among the young people of the Girona and Osona counties, claiming the added value they bring to the territory and its people.
  • The assessment and vindication of values ​​and principles such as effort, honesty, training and specialization, creativity and inventiveness, positive ambition, the assumption of informed and controlled risk, excellence understood as trying doing things well, sustainability, solidarity and the will to build and leave a positive impact on the territory and its people (all the people who live in Girona and Osona counties, without any kind of discrimination, for any reason).
  • Help and support for young entrepreneurs from the Girona and Osona counties to ensure that their projects become a sustainable and stable reality through the creation of new companies.
  • The promotion of specialized training for young people in the Girona and Osona counties, focused on the creation of business initiatives in the Girona and Osona counties.
  • Investment in new business projects in the Girona and Osona counties.
  • The contribution to the growth, strengthening and improvement of the Girona and Osonen business fabric.
  • The contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens of Girona, Osona, through its business fabric..
  • The defense and promotion of the image of businessmen from Girona and Osona and the dissemination of the positive contribution they make to the territory of Girona and Osona and to its people.
  • The search and promotion of synergies between Girona and Osona businessmen, in order to increase collaboration between companies in the Girona and Osona counties and join forces to better face a very demanding global market.
  • The search for instruments and supports and the promotion that Girona companies can become multinational companies.
  • The encouragement and promotion of the concentration of companies from Girona and Osona, through mergers or other corporate instruments or business restructuring, to make bigger, stronger and more sustainable companies.
  • The inculcation (through dissemination and training) of a culture of compliance and good governance as a method of risk management and sustainability for the companies of the future and the search for excellence.
  • The contribution to which companies in the regions of Girona and Osona can meet the sustainable development goals (ODS) set by the UN for 2030 and have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy appropriate to their size, sector, context and circumstances .
  • The vindication and promotion of technology and the digitization of Girona companies, including the use of artificial intelligence; encouraging a constructive and positive use, which does not go against human rights, nor the privacy and labor rights of people.
  • The contribution of Girona and Osona companies and businessmen to the environment and to the fight against drought, soil and aquifer pollution and climate change. We want to contribute to the emergence of initiatives and business projects that pursue those goals, with creativity, inventiveness, technology and investment capital.
  • The contribution of the companies and businessmen and businesswomen of Girona and Osona to the discrimination of people, for any reason (neither race, nor beliefs, nor religion, nor gender, nor anything) and with respect to labor rights, to the freedoms and human and civil rights.
  • The collaboration with other non-profit entities and with companies, business organizations and public administrations of the Girona and Osona counties to, together, better achieve the Foundation’s objectives.
  • Financial aid to other non-profit organizations in the Girona and Osona counties that carry out activities that contribute to the achievement of the Foundation’s objectives.

We have the idea and hope to start a Pilot Plan in Santa Coloma de Farners, which will be called FARNERS VIVA, to see if it has a positive effect and can be replicated in other regional capitals of Girona and Osona. Farners Bellvehí Massaguer will collaborate in this project. The project will basically consist of:

  • Detect young people of working age who have finished their studies (or are in their last year) and who are willing and ready to put effort and dedication into business projects in Santa Coloma de Farners; managing to generate jobs for young people in the village and, at the same time, improve the business activity of the Municipality.
  • The idea is to carry out a task of detection and selection of those young people who are considered suitable for the project and guide them, train them and help them to carry out projects, providing the initial GIXGI funding and participating in the project as a financial and strategic partner; but with the idea that in the future, if the project is successful, the young people who are taking it forward will acquire the capital under very favorable conditions and the business will end up being 100% theirs.
  • The analysis and detection of projects in which to invest will also be done with the needs of the municipality in mind and we will try to make them projects with a soul that have a positive impact on the Municipality and its people.
  • In the projects, we will try to encourage other entrepreneurs and investors in the Municipality, to be able to cover more and better and to make the projects more sustainable.