Legal notice

This Legal Notice applies to all GI X GI PRIVATE EQUITY, S.L. services. which are contained or provided from the website
The legal regulatory body that regulates the services of GI X GI is not only constituted by this Legal Notice, but it is a part of that regulatory body, which also has a Code of Conduct and the Privacy Policy. In addition, GI X GI has a Compliance system, an Ethical Code and an Ethical Channel, which the user should be familiar with.

2.1.- General Conditions:
2.1.1 Ownership
This website is the property of GI X GI PRIVATE EQUITY, S.L., with NIF nº B-56934193 and address at Carrer Pou Rodó, 21, 3r, 1ª, 17004 Girona (GIRONA), registered in the Girona Commercial Register, (hereinafter “GI X GI”).
2.1.2 Conditions of Access
Access to our website by the User is free of charge and is subject to prior reading and full, express and unreserved acceptance of these General Conditions of Use in force at the time of access, which we ask you to read carefully. The User, when using our portal, its contents or services, expressly accepts and submits to its General Conditions of Use. If the User does not agree with these conditions of use, he must refrain from using this portal and from operating through it.
2.1.3 Personal Data
The provision of personal data through our portal requires a minimum age of 16 or, where applicable, having sufficient legal capacity to contract.
2.1.4 Configuration, Modification and Deletion
At any time we can modify the presentation and configuration of our website, expand or reduce services, and even delete it from the network, as well as the services and content provided, and all unilaterally and without prior notice.
2.1.5 Applicable Legislation
This website is governed by the regulations exclusively applicable in Spain, and both nationals and foreigners who use this website are subject to them.

2.2.- Intellectual Property:
2.2.1 Intellectual Property
All contents, texts, images and source codes are the property of GI X GI or of third parties from whom the exploitation rights have been acquired, and are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.
The User only has the right to use them privately, without profit, and needs express authorization to modify them, reproduce them, exploit them, distribute them or exercise any right belonging to their owner.
Total or partial imitation of our portal or the establishment of links to our website without the prior authorization of GI X GI is absolutely prohibited.
2.2.2 Registered Trademark
“GI X GI” is a registered trademark, and the reproduction, imitation, use or insertion of these marks is prohibited without our due authorization. The establishment of links to our portal does not confer any rights over it. Similarly, the simple fact of establishing a link to our website does not give the right to be awarded the category of collaborator or partner.
2.2.3 Liability
GI X GI is exempt from responsibility for any claim regarding the intellectual property rights of the articles and images published by third parties on its portal.

2.3.- Conditions of Access and Use:
2.3.1 Conditions of Access
Access to our website is free and does not require subscription or prior registration. However, certain services may be of restricted access to certain users and require a registration process and/or identification through passwords. These services will be properly identified on the website.
2.3.2 Privacy Policy Acceptance
The transmission of personal data implies the express acceptance by the User of our privacy policy.
2.3.3 Advertising and Sponsored Content
Some GI X GI Services may show you advertisements and other commercial and sponsored content that we believe may be relevant to you and your interests. As stated in the GI X GI Privacy Policy, we do not sell your personal data to advertisers, and we do not share information that directly identifies you (such as your name, email address, or other contact information) with advertisers unless that you provide us with permission.
2.3.4 Conduct
The User must access our website in good faith, the rules of public order and these General Conditions of Use. Access to our website is done under the User’s own and exclusive responsibility, who will be responsible, if applicable, for any damages that may be caused to third parties or to ourselves.
2.3.5 Prohibitions
a) The User is expressly prohibited from using and obtaining the services and content offered on this website by procedures other than those stipulated in these conditions of use.
b) The User Person is prohibited from any kind of action on our portal that creates an excessive operating overload on our computer systems, as well as the introduction of viruses, or installation of robots, or software that alters the normal operation of our website, or ultimately could cause damage to our computer systems.
c) The User Person may use the products and services of GI X GI exclusively for personal non-commercial purposes unless otherwise expressly authorized in writing by GI X GI.
d) The User Person, unless expressly permitted by GI X GI, may not copy, modify, prepare managerial works, distribute, sell, rent, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, transmit, disseminate, hack, emulate or exploit any part of our services and software.
e) The User Person, unless the applicable legislation prohibits its restriction, may not reverse engineer any of GI X GI’s products and services or attempt to derive any software used in GI X GI’s products and services.
2.3.6 Control and Penalties
Taking into account the impossibility of control regarding the information, contents and services that contain third-party web pages available from our website, we inform you that GI X GI is not responsible for the same, notwithstanding that it will try, as far as possible, ensure its legality.
GI X GI reserves the right to terminate or suspend any User that the organization believes has violated the conditions governing the use of our website. It also reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against those who violate these general conditions of use.
2.3.7 Account suspension or cancellation.
Your access to or use of GI X GI products and services may be restricted, suspended or disabled, and you may lose access to some or all of the services offered by GI X GI or third parties (including your account, any your information, data or content associated with these services), if:
(i) we determine that you have clearly, seriously, or repeatedly violated these Terms, or other terms and policies that apply to your access to or use of GI X GI products or services or third-party services; or
(ii) your access to or use of GI X GI products and services creates a health and safety risk. We may also disable or delete your account if, after registration, your account is not confirmed, your account is not used and remains inactive for an extended period of time, or if we detect that someone has used it without the your permission and we cannot confirm your account, account ownership, or when we are required to do so under applicable law.
You may stop using the GI X GI products and services and thereby terminate these Terms at any time.
2.3.8 Modification of products and services
Within the legal framework of applicable law, GI X GI reserves the right to modify its products and services to keep them in compliance with legal requirements and, consequently, we may introduce new features or services, impose limits, change, suspend , disable, remove, replace, upgrade, update, revert or restrict access to any features, software, services or content or any part of GI X GI products or services.
The aforementioned modifications will only be made for valid reasons and in accordance with applicable laws, such as:
(i) to improve the GI X GI Services (including, for example, updating the user interface or providing new, expanded and/or improved features, software, services or content);
(ii) in response to changing circumstances and needs of our community or technical environment (including, for example, technological developments or changes in technical standards or user volume);
(iii) for operational and business reasons (including, for example, product testing and changes in the cost, scope or availability of certain parts of features, software, services or content).
2.3.9 Notification
When legally established, we will provide you with reasonable advance notice of such changes.