What do we offer?

In order to achieve the objectives and meet the existing needs, it is necessary to have professionals from Girona and Osona (onward “Girona”) with experience and technical quality who can fully address the services agreed in this type of business purchase and sale operations; involving economic, strategic and financial consulting services and legal and tax services. At GI X GI we act as an intermediary in operations, counting on the collaboration of the best professionals in Girona both for economic services and for legal and tax services, under the direction of Jordi Bellvehí.

The main services provided by GI X GI are the following:

  • Research and support of Girona companies looking for investment or strategic partners.
  • Research and support of entrepreneurs from Girona who want to sell 100% of the capital.
  • Research and support of entrepreneurs from Girona who want to sell branches of activity.
  • Search for companies in Girona that sell production units in restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Search for people from Girona with capital to invest in companies from Girona.
  • Search for companies from Girona that want to buy other companies to grow inorganically, even if the company to be acquired is not from Girona.
  • Advice and support in acquisition or investment processes, both for the buyer and the seller.
  • Advice and support in the acquisition of companies in other European or non-European countries or in Joint-Venture operations.
  • Valuations of companies, by different methods according to the company and the sector.
    Preparation of the sales Dossier and Due Diligence of the seller “Vendor D.D.“.
  • Carrying out Due Diligence of buyers.
  • Accompanying the selling company in the due diligence of the buyer.
  • Drafting of contractual documentation Confidentiality Agreement (NDA), Letter of Intent (LOI), Non-Binding Offer (NBO), Purchase Agreement (SPA).
  • Declarations and Warranties Document (R&W), Partnership Agreement (SHA), etc.
  • Fiscal analysis and planning of operations.
  • Labor analysis and planning of operations.
  • Financial analysis and planning and of the business and strategic plan.
  • Planning and execution of corporate operations related to the planning of a company purchase and sale (joint venture contract; transfer of assets and liabilities, spin-off, merger, transformation, non-monetary contributions, exchange of participations or shares, convertible participatory loans , purchase of productive units, purchase of assets and subrogation of workers, etc.).
  • Advice and support in financing procedures related to primary markets (issuance of bonds or shares) and secondary markets (stock market).